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Everyone has a few favourite summer anthems that just seem to be timeless. They are feel good songs that remind you of good times and always bring a smile to your face.

As the summer holiday season is approaching, we are compiling a playlist of feel good summer songs that we think should be on that all important summer playlist.

The Cabin Max Crew have all shared their favourites and you might agree that some songs a little… surprising (to say the least).

Get involved by giving us your favourite summer song and enter our Summer Playlist Competition for the chance to win a limited edition Cabin Max Metz backpack.

Cabin Max Crew – Summer Playlist

  • Beautiful People by Chris Brown – It’s my guilty pleasure, whenever that song comes on… I can’t help but sing at the top of my voice. It reminds me of summer time road trips.
  • I Need Air by Magnetic Man – Always my go to song, to listen to when I’m travelling in the sun.
  • We Built This City by Starship - This eighties classic is possibly the cheesiest song I know, but I love it as it reminds me of an epic holiday in Majorca a few years back. When I hear it, I think about great times on the beach and by the pool as well as hilarious nights in the local Spanish eighties bar.
  • Steal my sunshine by Len – I’ve never met anybody who doesn’t like this song. It’s the perfect summer tune and great for putting you in a good mood. Top tip: Play it on the way to the airport to ensure your holiday starts in the best way!
  • Sun is shining by Bob Marley - This takes me back to that first summer when me and my friends were just passing our driving tests. We spent a lot of time just driving to places with the car radio on full blast.
  • 3 lions (footballs coming home) by Baddiel and Skinner – Summer of 2002, I was living in Leeds during university, world cup year and this was being played everywhere. Whole city was party atmosphere cheering England (unsuccessfully) on. Before during and after every pub was playing this to a packed crowd singing along.

Now that you’ve got our favourite summer songs, don’t forget send us your summer song suggestion and subscribe to our email list for the chance to win a limited edition Cabin Max Metz backpack.

The prize draw is open to residents of the UK only. You have until midnight on Tuesday 26th May 2015 to enter the prize draw. Three winners will be selected at random and notified by email on Monday 1st June 2015. If Cabin Max receives no response within two days of the notification email date, we will draw another winner. By entering this competition you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

All Weather Adventures

Cabin Max has a diverse range of bags which suit all sorts of activities. The Cabin Max Crew are an active bunch of people with a variety of hobbies, pastimes and interests. It probably won’t come as a surprise to you that each member of the Crew has their own favourite Cabin Max product.

So, we’ve decided to do something a little bit different with for this blog post. A few members of the Crew have been asked to tell us how they use their favourite Cabin Max.

And this is what they had to say…


janine_avatar_150x150Janine – The Hydrapack

Training for my ½ marathon I found that I needed to take water for any run longer than 6 miles, I didn’t feel comfortable carrying a water bottle so took home the hydration pack to try. After a couple of runs I got used to the feel of it on my back and now it’s an essential part of kit on my ‘long’ runs.



sean_avatar_150x150Sean – San Remo

As a keen cyclist, a waterproof bag is essential for me. I’ve lugged around countless rucksacks and often found myself arriving at work with everything inside damp. The lightweight San Remo is great because not only does it keep your valuables dry during downpours, but it’s also wipe-clean too, meaning that the muddy spray you inevitably get from your rear tyre is easy to remove. The reflective graphics also give a bit of added confidence when cycling at night too.



Joe – Moel

Sun or snow, there’s not much I love more than taking in some of our beautiful landscapes. The Moel has been perfect for everything I’ve thrown at it, including numerous hikes in Snowdonia and the Lake District as well more leisurely strolls around forests and woodlands. It’s big enough to hold a few extra bits of clothing and a packed lunch, whilst staying well-watered is easy with the integrated hydration pack. It is also comfortable to carry due to the waist strap and netted back support.



Illy – Venice

My weekends are spent taking my two rather large and fluffy Akita’s on long walks around North Wales. The past few years have taught me that I need to be prepared. The Venice bag is my essential dog walking item and I fill it with my other essentials, 1 litre of water, 2 towels, a small bag of dog biscuits, dog bowls and a couple of rubber ball dog toys. There is more than enough space to for all my stuff and it’s waterproof. So I don’t have to worry the towels getting wet or about soggy dog biscuits when I get caught out by the rain. dogs_avatar_150x150


Ash – Venice

As an all-weather biker I use the Venice bag every day for my morning commute to work and my fun weekend rides. After losing shoes, shirts, iPods and mobile phones because zips have opened without me realising and getting to work to find all my change of clothes were absolutely soaked, I decided to try the Venice because it has a drawstring at the top of the bag. Now I take it pretty much everywhere with me.





Record Baggage fees collected by U.S. Airlines in 2014


The revenue of 27 U.S. airlines has been sent soaring by baggage fees in 2014 according to data provided by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. The airlines earned $3.5 billion between them in 2014 which shows a year on year revenue increase of 5.3%.

Delta was at the top of the table with massive revenue of $862,909 followed by United at $651,857 and American at $574,430.

Up to 40kg Cabin Max digital luggage scale
Cabin Max Digital Luggage Scale


The importance of staying within guidelines is increasingly important in order to avoid contributing to the airline baggage revenues. Cabin Max bags are designed to remain within hand luggage dimensions for the various airlines and for the check in luggage we have digital luggage scales to ensure that you stay within your weight allowance.






The Perfect Weekend Bags for City Breaks in Europe

We all have that one giant suitcase that lives under our bed or in the attic. Once a year we pull it down, dust it off and fill it ready for a two week adventure somewhere hot.

What then, do you take when you embark on a shorter trip?

With budget airlines and cheap hotel packages, city breaks are readily available to all at a smaller cost. Some travellers have even traded in their two week jaunt once a year for several weekends across Europe instead.

With baggage fees flying sky high, it makes sense to travel with a carry on. We’ve lined up the top 5 Cabin Max carry on bags and filled you in on the destinations they were inspired by.

1. Palermo – Sicily

The exposed city of Palermo has a rich, vibrant history that is reflected through its varied architecture and cuisine. For a culture trip, check out the Arab-Norman architecture, such as 12th-century Palazzo dei Normanni or for those looking for sea and sand, head to the beach and let the warm mediterranean breeze cool you from the Sicilian heat.  Noisy and full of life, Palermo is a city that will certainly keep you on your toes.


Photo Credit:

Cabin Max Palermo Backpack £25

For a fast paced city you need a fast paced bag. This 55x40x20cm is flight approved for most budget airlines and comes with a detachable 20cmx20cm clear liquids case, making it easy to fast track through security and avoid the luggage carousel.


2. Oxford – England

Home to the famous Oxford University, this city has seen many of the great minds of modern history. Stand in awe of its architecture and enjoy traditional afternoon tea in a neighbouring cafe. Fancy somewhere picturesque? The Cotswolds is just a short drive away and among its fields, cottages, pubs and churches, you’ll find quintessential England.

oxford city

Photo Credit:

Cabin Max Oxford Backpack and Trolley £50

For a city that has many winding streets or cobbled roads, the Oxford Backpack and Trolley is the perfect bag for switching between your needs. Wear it on your bag when wandering the grounds of the university or use it as a trolley when you’ve weighed yourself down with souvenirs from the many unique shops you’ll find in the Cotswolds.


3. Metz – France

With a 3,000 year history, the City of Metz plays host to lots of impressive ancient architecture. In particular you will find the oldest church in France, the Basilica of Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains and the Saint Stephen Cathedral has been noted to have the biggest display of stained glass windows in the world. A quiet city, Metz is perfect for the history buffs who enjoys a croissant or two while watching the people go by.

metz town

Photo Credit:

Cabin Max Metz Backpack £25

The perfect carry on bag at 55x40x20cm, the lightweight Metz bag gets you from plane to hotel quickly. Start your French city affair as soon as possible with a no fuss bag.


4. Sorrento – Italy £40

Also known as the ‘Land of Mermaids’, Sorrento is an idyllic town that exudes Italian charm. Its faded pastel coloured buildings burn hot as they watch over the shore and bright shades of gelato are sold on every corner. Feast yourself on warm bowls of pasta with a smooth glass of pinot noir and be sure to trial the fish that is brought in fresh from the sea, every day.


Photo Credit:

Cabin Max Sorrento Trolley Holdall

Known for its style, Italy demands only the best. No other bag says luxury like the Sorrento. Its striking polka dot pattern in deep navy will stand out from the crowd. Measuring 55x40x25cm, it has enough space to fit a new outfit for day and night! Wear it on your shoulder or use the handle and wheels for a more elegant approach.


5. Barcelona – Spain 

Barcelona is the city for everyone. It’s where the beach meets the city and the old meets the new. Get some culture by visiting Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia or indulge yourself by finding a spot on the long stretch of beach and most importantly of all, hold a sangria in each hand, at all times!


Photo Credit:

Cabin Max Barcelona Backpack £30

Barcelona is served by many popular budget airlines and at certain times throughout the year, you can grab yourself a bargain. Avoid the baggage fees and take the Barcelona Backpack. This 50x40x20cm backpack is Guaranteed to stay with you in the Cabin, making sure your important items remain safe by your side.


Choose one of our top city break bags and leave your huge suitcase where it belongs. Adventures start with a Cabin Max.


Bucket list? Make that a ‘Will do list’ for 2015


Photo Credit:

The term ‘bucket list’ refers to a list of things you’d like to accomplish or places you’d love to visit before you, ahem… kick the bucket. That’s a slightly grim reminder that we’re not here forever if you ask us.

Rather than feeling limited by the time you have here, opt for a ‘Will do list’ instead. By Jotting down your hopes and dreams, achievable or not (We’re looking at you, Mr ‘I’m going to build my own batcave’ and Ms ‘I’m totally winning a Grammy for my rendition of ‘Let it go’ in the shower’ ), it ensures you’re living your life to its fullest. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? We think so.

We’ve asked the members of the Cabin Max team ‘If you had no limitations, name one place would you go in the world and why? Here’s what they said.

‘I would go from the west coast of America to the East, driving across all the states in a mustang. I could sample food (eating challenges), traditions and state landmarks. Of course, driving the famous Route 66 and no American trip would be the same without shooting guns and visiting Las Vegas!’ Joe – Web Developer/ Chief Tea Maker


Photo Credit:

‘I would head to New York. The iconic city of modern times, the big apple is a cultural feast for the senses. Every street and landmark is recognisable from your favourite films, album covers and books. Feeling the adrenaline of the city that never sleeps, it’s certainly a place to make you feel alive.’ Abi – Marketing Co-Ordinator/ Coffee Queen


Photo Credit:

‘The Cook Isles, because the idea of kayaking around these islands would be peaceful bliss inspired by ‘The Happy Isles of Oceania’ by Paul Theroux’  Martin – Managing Director/ Traveller


Photo Credit:

 ‘I would love to return to the Perhentian Islands, by far the most beautiful Island I’ve ever seen. It takes a good 2 days to get to from the UK, which in part is why it’s so unspoilt.’ Dave – Finance Director/ Foodie


Photo Credit:

‘If money and time were no object I think I would go to China – I wasn’t a brave enough traveller to go 15 years ago when I got married and opted for a honeymoon to Jamaica, now with a rather large family it’s not the most family friendly trip you could take.  I’d love to see the Great Wall, and the Terracotta Army’ Janine – Operations Manager/ Office Mother


Photo Credit:

‘I’d choose Cuba. Compare a picture of Havana in 1955 and one from today and you will see how little has changed. I love the idea of stepping back into the past to a place where there is barely any phone signal and where you are unlikely to find a McDonalds on every street. Throw in some wonderful colonial architecture, cars from the 50’s, beautiful beaches and characterful cities and you’ve got the perfect alternative holiday destination’  – Sean – Designer/ Mug Collector/ Colouring In Man


Photo credit:

‘Definitely Australia, somewhere I have always wanted to visit. Hot weather and  gorgeous beaches,  oh and koala bears of course!’  Rachel – Customer Service Advisor/ Dog Lover


Photo Credit:

‘Rhyl? (Laughs) Not really! It would have to be New York For the sights and the food.’ Ash – Warehouse Guy/ Dare Devil Biker


Photo credit:

 ‘(Barks)-shire’ Doobs – Office Dog/ Nutter


Photo credit:

Where would you go? Let us know in the comments!

The Cabin Max team

2015 – Tick Off Your Travel List On A Budget – The Cabin Max Top 5 Tips

Facebook_2015 copy


2015 is well and truly upon us

Forget the ‘new year, new me‘ posts you’ve been bombarded with in the past week, this is the year for unfinished business.

Dust off that travel list you’ve had pinned on your noticeboard, this will no longer be an office ornament.

Instead of embarking on a crazy diet (that will be sure to fail when you see that unopened box of mince pies at the back of the cupboard), tick off that destination list.

January is the perfect time to put a plan into action.


Not sure where to start? We’ve put together some top tips to help you achieve your travel dreams this year.

Cabin Max’s Top 5 Tips To Tick Off Your Travel List On A Budget

The great thing about living in a (another) different country than the one I was born in

1. Budget

The chaos of christmas can have a detrimental effect on your bank account but that’s no excuse. There will always be a reason as to why you can’t afford that trip. An MOT, special birthday or a pair of shoes that you ‘simply must have’ can all have an affect on your money. Make a budget and aim to set aside a certain amount each month. Once you see it adding up in your savings, it will give you a satisfied feeling that will encourage you to save more.

Start by cutting back. Assess direct debits that aren’t necessary such as magazine subscriptions or special tv providers. With the internet and free catch up available from most channels, you won’t be missing anything. Promise.

Check out Monica from The Travel Hack’s post about budgeting realistically.


2. Plan Plan Plan

Embrace wanderlust and begin making plans to visit different places. Aligned with your budget, decide on whether you want to travel far and wide or keep it closer to home. Choose hostels or hotels or perhaps a mixture of both. Highlight landmarks you’d like to visit and their costs to ensure you optimise your trip and don’t miss anything out! No one wants to admit the reason they didn’t go inside the Eiffel Tower was because they overspent on crepes.

Check out this travel itinerary by Wanderlust Tour to get things started.


3. Be realistic

Don’t spread yourself too thin. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t try to squeeze in lots of big trips to the other side of the world all in one year. You want to experience a place to its full potential and look back on your time there fondly rather than with regret. Either choose one big holiday or spread out your trips by opting for long weekends spread out across the year.

4. Start booking!

Nothing is more exciting than booking that plane ticket! Also, with plane tickets becoming so hard to refund, it places extra pressure on you to save those pennies! Stick a copy of your plane ticket somewhere noticeable to remind you what you’re working towards.

Use comparison sites such as Skyscanner to keep your eye on changing plane ticket prices. If you stay on the ball and check most days, you can find yourself some real bargains!

5. Pack light with a Cabin Max

There’s a bag for every type of trip and all suitable for a smaller budget. Designed to fit within carry-on restrictions, Cabin Max bags are lightweight, spacious and tailored to each traveller’s needs.

Take a look at our most popular bags, all £35 or under.

Metz – Spot £25

Cabin max polkadot

Barcelona+ £30

Cabin max 50 40 20



Lyon+ £35

(With 15.5” laptop/tablet compartment)



With your savings, travel plan and Cabin Max at the ready, there’s nothing stopping you from taking on the world.


Bon voyage and safe travels,


The Cabin Max Team




Cabin Max – Give the Gift of Travel this Christmas


This year, find something that goes further than Christmas day.


Give the gift of Travel.


Handing your loved one a Cabin Max is opening the door to many adventures. Fun, exciting new experiences are waiting to be found and with a Cabin Max on your back. Packed with the items you cherish most, you’ll always have memories of home close by.


Some people just need a little nudge to make their dreams a reality.


Do your bit. Buy a Cabin Max today.



Venice bans wheeled suitcases – Cabin Max can help



Image Credit: Bimzz Magazine

Cabin Max to the rescue!

Our Metz, Oxford, Barcelona+, and Lyon+ bags are only a few of the many bags to get you from A to B in the city that has banned wheels.

What’s the story?

Venice has called quits on wheeled luggage. Why? They’re too noisy and causing damage.

Of those who have visited Venice, you will know that the winding alleys and streets are, although pretty, not built for the 30 million tourists it sees each year.

To combat the damage caused by plastic and rubber wheels along Venice’s aging bridges and paths (not to mention the irritating sound of a case on cobbles) the City council have banned them from May 2015, fining those who ignore this rule with a whopping €500 fine.

As quoted by the Independent, ‘City official Maurizio Dorigo said: “Hopefully a company will start producing suitcases with inflatable tyres. We’ve got till next May. Someone will be able to design and sell them by then.” ‘

We’re not sure inflatable wheels will take off… so we have a better idea. Carry your luggage on your back.

The Perfect Bag

Here’s our list of the best Cabin Max bags to sidestep the new ban:


Measuring 55x40x20cm, this lightweight backpack can be carried on your bag and has an impressive capacity of 44 litres! Now available in 22 colours!


cabin max flight backpack
The orginal Cabin Max flight bag


This sophisticated 50x40x20cm bag is guaranteed to stay with you in the cabin when you fly Easyjet and comes with zipped compartments inside to keep your things super organised. Also available: The Oxford Backpack and Trolley!




This trolley and backpack is perfect for those who prefer wheels but need to adapt for the streets of Venice. Compact at 50x40x20cm, you’ll still avoid those annoying luggage check in fees but have the choice between wheels or shoulder straps.


New colours available! 

Cabin max 50 40 20

Cabin max 50 40 20 back


Need a little extra space? The 55x40x20cm trolley and backpack has a few added extras to make your travel easier. The zip away compartment hides your backpack straps and inside you’ll find a laptop/tablet compartment for a device up to 15”. For those travelling before heading to Venice, the Lyon+ is the best of both worlds.

lyon+_web lyon+back_web

Whether you’re travelling to Venice or stopping off for an Aperol Spritz on your travels, there’s a Cabin Max for every trip.


The Arezzos Are Back In Stock: The Perfect Second Bag For Ryanair



The Arezzo is back and it’s packing a punch.

With the sell out success of the original Blue and Brown Arezzo, we’ve introduced a new range of eye catching colours.

The Arezzo has been designed specifically to fit within the Ryanair second bag allowance ( 20x35x20cm )

This cabin ready bag is lightweight at just 0.4 kg, leaving it ready to hold your heavier items such as camera, tablet and documents rather than in your other hand luggage that has a weight limit.

Beat the fees and buy the bag that guarantees you keep your important items with you.

At £15 they’re selling quick, get yours now!

Buy Me Now

Win £250 of SuperBreak Holiday Vouchers, just in time for Christmas!



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Get into the Christmas spirit by escaping to a German market this year.

Drawn in by the warm glow of twinkling lights, you saunter along the narrow aisles of a bustling market scene and stop to indulge in the sweet aroma of ginger and cinnamon at a bakery stall.

Small wooden huts open their doors to the cold winter night and display their gifts for all to see. Snow glistened rooftops, carols and mulled wine are some of the many delights of a Christmas market and you could win £250 of SuperBreak vouchers to help get you there.

Open to U.K residents only, the competition shall end on December 2nd. The winner shall be e-mailed on the 3rd of December. Good Luck!

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Introducing The Cabin Max Travel App




Your holiday excitement begins when you buy a Cabin Max. Your next adventure seems in reach as your envision stepping on that plane with your cabin bag in hand.

We love that we’re there at the beginning but we don’t think it should end there.

So, we developed an app to fully prepare you for your next getaway.

Packed with features, we have everything covered to ensure your trip is the best it can be

Airline Checker


Double check your chosen airline’s hand luggage dimensions and weight allowances so that you avoid any hefty charges at the gate


Enter your holiday destination and date of travel and watch the days tick away…



Type in your holiday destination to stay up to date on weather so you can pack accordingly.

Packing Checklist

Don’t worry about forgetting your sunglasses again, add it to your custom made list!


Missing something like… Packing cubes? Luggage scales? Wash bag? Gain easy access to the Cabin Max site with just one click

Hot offers

Stay up to date with the latest offers on and grab yourself a bargain

Social Media

With links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, you’re connected to a whole host of travel tips and tricks that will ensure you travel smart


Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, this app is completely Free!

Download on Android and IOS here:




We hope you find this useful,

Cabin Max


Airline carry on weights and allowances at

Never get caught out again.

We’ve put together this handy grid with the dimensions and weight allowances for Europe’s top 9 airlines.

It’s time for you and your Cabin Max to take on the skies!


Flight delay compensation – Know your rights.




As a regular holiday-goer or commuter, you have to be pretty lucky to avoid a flight delay.

Some see it as an extra hour or two at the bar or even a bit of extra time perusing the shops, however, most see it as empty hours eating into your holiday or a frustrating obstacle between you and your much missed bed.

It has been known that in some cases when you arrive at the airport to find there’s a delay, your flight hasn’t even left its destination.

As irritating as this is, you could be eligible for compensation.

The EC regulation 261/2004 was introduced recently meaning that if your flight was delayed more than 3 hours or cancelled, you could claim money back.


Here are the things you need to know;

1. Providing you have adequate evidence, you can claim for a delay up to 6 years ago

2. You could be entitled to between £190-£480

3. The regulation only covers EU flights

4. You can only claim if the delay or cancellation was caused by;

-The crew or pilot being late

-The airline missed the deadline for documentation

- Component failure or general wear and tear to the aircraft

- Flight was cancelled due to underbooking

5. You cannot claim for any of the following;

- Bad Weather

- Safety issues

- Political action 

- Air traffic control decisions, insisting the flight is unsafe for departure due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances (e.g Volcanic Ash)

For a step by step guide to assessing your eligibility and for template letters and advice, visit for more advice.


Safe travels

Cabin Max



Ryanair Small Carry On Bag 20x35x20cm – The Cabin Max Arezzo Fits


arezzo jpeg




Ryanair changed their rules. They now let you take an additional bag to your 55x40x20 hand luggage. With a strict size allowance of 20x35x20cm, there wasn’t much out there that would fit such dimensions other than the carrier bag that has your meal deal in it.

That’s where Cabin Max come in. We’re all for taking the maximum allowance and really getting your moneys worth, so we designed the Cabin Max Arezzo to fit the 20x35x20cm bag allowance. This is the first bag to be made specifically to cater to Ryanair’s second bag policy.

This bag could revolutionise the way you travel. Here’s 5 reasons why;

1. The Arezzo measures exactly 20x35x20cm – maximising your space

2. There is no weight allowance for a second bag so rather than encroach on the 10kg hand luggage allowance,  the Arezzo can be packed with heavier electronic items, liquids and also keeps your important documents nearby

3. With stricter security searches, having your electronics (that have to be switched on) and your liquids to hand means less time in security and more time enjoying your journey

4. It fits perfectly underneath the seat in front of you. No waiting for the seat belt sign to be switched off before you reach for your bag

5. The over the shoulder or cross body strap keeps your hands free to maneuver your other bag

The Cabin Max Arezzo is THE ultimate second bag for Ryanair. For just £15, save yourself the hassle and take a bag guaranteed to fit.





New Airport Security Measures July 2014 – What It Means For You.





Due to inside intelligence, those boarding international flights between Europe and the U.S are being exposed to more intrusive security checks. Passengers now must switch on any electronic devices when passing through security due to new information about the development of undetectable bombs.

It has also come to light that random checks will be put into place from 09/07/2014. Planes shall be chosen randomly for spot checks at the gate. Before boarding the plane you could be asked to switch on all electronic devices again.

Passing through security and potentially boarding your plane will now become a slower process. Make sure you arrive well ahead of the two or three hour window you are given before your flight departure and pack your electronic devices last, making them easily accessible when you’re asked to produce them.

For the latest security updates, we’ve listed the top 10 U.K airports below with links to their security information to help you prepare.

1. London Heathrow Airport

2. London Gatwick Airport

3. Manchester Airport

4. London Stansted Airport

5. Edinburgh Airport

6. London Luton Airport

7. Birmingham Airport

8. Glasgow International Airport

9. Bristol Airport 

10. Newcastle Airport 

Safe travels,

Cabin Max

The Blue and Pink Bear bags are back!



The long wait is over…the blue and pink bear bags are back in stock!


Joined by their orange, green and purple spotty friends, these bags are the perfect pull along trolley for any child 4+. Get your children as excited as you are about holidays and allow them to share it with a cuddly friend.

Airlines allow every passenger with an individual boarding pass a free hand luggage allowance, so ensure you take everything you need by including your child. Measuring 50x34x20cm, the bear bags fit within the airline restrictions and also give tiny tots a sense of independence.

If (or perhaps when) they get tired or the novelty wears off, the extendable handle can be pulled along by yourself. When purchasing the new purple spotty bag, its integrated backpack straps make it easier for you to carry it for them while pulling your own bag.

Providing their sellout status earlier this year, you better get yours fast!

Bon Voyage!

Please note: Bears are not included with the bag… Leaving room for your personal favourite!

#Carryonshame – Could this hashtag be about you? Not with a Cabin Max.



*Featured bag: The Cabin Max Barcelona+ (Backpack and trolley Multi-Functional Bag)


The latest trend on twitter has received mixed responses on the web. The travel editor Spud Hilton started the hashtag  to highlight traveller’s ever relaxing attitude to carry on bag restrictions.

Travellers across the globe have been sharing their photos that appear to shame those who don’t stick to these rules. It has brought to light the importance of staying within cabin restrictions, not only to avoid expensive check in costs but also to keep your fellow traveller content.

Here at Cabin Max we work hard developing and tailoring our bags to your needs. Our aim is for you, our customers and world wanderers, to carry as much as you can while staying within the dimensions of an airline’s carry on restrictions to avoid costly fees.

Our carry on bags are flight approved and ready for action. Rest assured that with a Cabin Max, you won’t be shamed.

Happy Travels,

The Cabin Max Team.

For reliable carry on bags, shop here.

To read more on the #carryonshame trend here.


Cabin Max Genoa – Our first Leather Messenger and Carry on







Travelling on a budget shouldn’t compromise style.

This was the basis of our most recent design.

We’ve mastered the art of designing bags that are comfy, practical and fit within cabin restrictions…


Now it’s time for something a little more special. 


Crafted from 10% genuine leather, the Cabin Max Genoa is the first of its kind for the brand.

Measuring just 30x45x20cm it fits within Ryanair and Easyjet cabin restrictions and at a lightweight 1.8 kg, there’s still enough weight left to pack it full with your travel must haves.

Carry using the carry handles or attach the shoulder strap for a messenger style. With a pocket inside and outside, the Genoa makes it easy to organise your things.

Lined with a neutral check print, the bag oozes luxury and will guarantee you stand out from the crowd.


Limited edition: Only 100 bags are available for purchase, so don’t hesitate,  get yours quick!


Saved on your flights this year? Then treat yourself to the Cabin Max Genoa. You won’t regret it.


The New Cabin Max Barcelona+ tried and tested with Ryanair

Our most exciting product yet is now in stock.

Trolley bagCabin max 50 40 20 back

Following the huge success of our Barcelona backpack, we’ve upped our game and brought you something even better.

The Barcelona+ now comes with wheels and extendable handle as well as backpack straps! The multi-functional design has been tailored to suit all needs, whether you prefer to scoot through the terminal with your bag by your side or staying hands free with your bag on your back…Perfect for dealing with kids!

Weighing in at just 1.85kg, we’ve made sure you take more essential items than bag on holiday. However, just incase you go a little crazy with the souvenirs on your way back, the firm compression straps on each side will keep your bag trim.

Keeping to the 50x40x20cm measurements, the Barcelona+ fits within Ryanair and Easyjet hand luggage restrictions. The measurements include the wheels and feet so you have no nasty surprises in the airport! How do we know this? Well, we tested it out of course!







So there we have it. A comfy, quality bag that can be used as a trolley or backpack and designed to maximise your load without compromising space or weight.


At only £30 a bag, it’s an absolute bargain.

Save the big spends for your holiday.

Cabin Max Capital – Flight Approved Cabin Bag For Easyjet and Ryanair – Easter Offer £19

Whether you’re a sun worshipper, city explorer or love to immerse yourself in other cultures, you love a holiday.

And so you should. You work hard and deserve a break, so you might aswell make it somewhere far away from responsibility and worries.

These days, a holiday doesn’t have to be too pricey either. The wonder of the internet has allowed us to compare prices of hotels and hostels and even find the cheapest of flights too.

It’s all sorted then… or so you think.

Then WHAM. They hit you with the bag fees. You want to charge me HOW MUCH to take my flip flops and suncream on a little vacation? Come to think of it, Scarborough has had less rain this year…

Stop right there. Don’t abandon the holiday dream too soon. There’s always Cabin Max.

As Cabin Max fans will know, the Barcelona backpack measures in at 50x40x20cm making it guaranteed to fly with Easyjet and Ryanair. However, we do have another trick up our sleeve.

capital rome ebaycapital

Introducing the Capital. Often found in the shadow of the Barcelona, the Capital is available in Rome (Green) and Paris (Blue) editions and has exactly the same dimensions as the Barcelona, 50x40x20cm. This makes the Capital suitable for budget airlines too.


With one large compartment, a medium compartment with internal organiser and additional front zip pocket, it supersedes the Barcelona in terms of organisation and packing potential. If you include the Wash Bag and Packing Cubes too, you’ll spend less time unpacking at your destination and more time sourcing the best sun lounger/ cultural hotspot.

When faced with the budget airline 10kg challenge, the Capital is lightweight at just 0.7kg. So you’ll be taking more clothes than bag with you.

Keep your holiday cheap. Don’t fork out for expensive check in charges. Reduce your load and take the Capital carry on, because let’s be honest, the hula skirt should be left at home.

What makes it even more appealing is that it’s been reduced to £19 for the Easter holidays! Available from 15/04/14 until midnight 21/04/14.