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10 Reasons to Visit Iceland – The Land of Fire and Ice

The extreme contrasts offered by the Icelandic landscapes, culture and activities makes it a truly beautiful and amazing place to holiday. If you visit in the summer months then you should be prepared to experience nearly 24 hours of daylight but if you visit in the winter then you should be prepared to spend most of your time under the night time sky.


We’ve listed our top 10 natural phenomenon’s to experience in the land of fire and ice:


Photo credit: carnevoraforum.com
Photo credit: carnevoraforum.com

10 Bird-watching – May and June

You can expect to see 70 or 80 different bird species across the country however some areas are closed off to visitors in order to protect the birds during breeding seasons.


wikimedia commons
Photo credit: wikimedia commons


9 Thrihnukagigur volcano – Summer weeks

Enter Thrihnukagigur volcano, this truly unique experience is available during the 6-8 weeks of summer. Visit the only volcanic magma chambers that are accessible to mankind but don’t worry the volcano is dormant and an experienced will take you through the tour.


Photo credit: gullfoss.ie

8 Gullfoss – All year round

The ‘Golden Waterfall’ on the glacial river Hvita is an impressive two tired fall that thunders 32m over a fault and into a gorge.



Photo credit: animalsadda.com


7 Arctic Foxes – All year

These beautiful creates can be found throughout Iceland but are the largest populations are in the Westfjords where the food supply (thousands of sea birds) is at its richest. The Arctic Foxes can be found in two colours, white – almost completely white which may turn brown in the summer, and blue – which is in actual fact brown all year round.


Photo credit: visitvatnajokull.is

6 Iceberg Lagoon

Located in Jokulsarlon on the edge of Vatnajokull National Park, this is a spot for the photographers! The lagoon has also featured in a few Hollywood films such as Die another Day, Tomb Raider and A View to Kill! Get on a sail boat to get closer to the spectacular scenery. Keep an eye out for seals!


Photo credit: extremeiceland.is

5 Holuhraun

Located north of Vatnajokull glacier, this is one of the most remote places in Iceland. Holuhraun is a large lava field which is a result of lava eruptions which started in August 2014 and ended in March 2015.



saga travel
Photo credit: saga travel

 4 Myvatn by the midnight Sun – June

The sun sets and rises while you watch! It’s a truly and ever so slightly strange thing to experience. You will not experience true darkness during this time as the sun never really dips far below the horizon before it reappears.


wikimedia commons
Photo credit: wikimedia commons

 3 Strokkur Geyser – Haukadar Valley

Strokhhur sprouts 30meters in to the air and is the most active geyser in the Haukadar valley, erupting approximately every ten minutes, you will be surrounded by bubbling mud pits and hot springs.  Those who want a truly memorable experience will be thrilled to discover they will be able to dig up their own rye bread which has been baking underground for 24 hours and even assist a chef to boil eggs outside in the hot spring!


Photo credit: travelreportage.com

 2 Blue Lagoon – All year around

The Blue lagoon has warm waters which average 38 degrees Celsius, are rich in minerals and it is believed that they help people suffering from skin diseases. The lagoon is manmade however the geothermal water comes from 2000 metres below the surface and on its way up it picks up the minerals before it reaches the surface at a relaxing 38 degrees Celsius.


wikimedia commons
Photo credit: wikimedia commons

 1 Northern Lights Aurora Borealis

A wonderful but elusive and unpredictable phenomenon of the land of fire and ice. If you manage to be in the right place at the right time, you will be witness a very humbling experience, in my opinion. Rural and remote areas away from the glow of city light will offer the best chances to see the Northern Lights.



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