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Good packing Eases Travel Stress

We’ve all been there. Landing after a long flight, you’ve been through a lot. The airport, the plane, the taxi ride, not to mention the budget airline food you shovelled down to keep you going. All you want is to experience the place you’ve travelled so far to get to. You’re just a quick change...CONTINUE READING

Travelling light with the girlfriend who (probably) knows best.

This summer I travelled to Naples for a week with my girlfriend lets call her Miss N to avoid any embarrassment. Being the creator and therefore the biggest fan of Cabin Max products I obviously insisted on travelling hand luggage only. Miss N made it clear she certainly wasn’t used to travelling light, and without...CONTINUE READING

Cowabunga, dude. The new Verbier Cabin Max for trendy travellers.

Winter is almost upon us, but don’t let the dark nights and rubbish weather get you down. There are plenty of destinations to make the most of at this time of year. Want some sun? Jet to Australia and ride some waves! Too far? Head to Switzerland and hit the slopes! Either way, we have...CONTINUE READING
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Cabin Max FREE baggage check-in

Traveling light with the Cabin Max Family involves five carry ons and one check in bag. Well most of you will be thinking I can’t manage the kids and 5 bags, and I knew I would certainly be struggling with that lot. However most budget airlines want people to start checking in their hand luggage....CONTINUE READING

Ryanair pilots slow down to cut costs and move to reduce the number of checked in bags

After reducing the size of the in flight magazine last year to reduce costs Ryan Air have gone one step further by flying slightly slower. Mr O’Leary said that Ryanair’s decision, announced earlier this week, to get its pilots to increase flight times by two minutes to save fuel, would save the airline around 80...CONTINUE READING