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2015 – Tick Off Your Travel List On A Budget – The Cabin Max Top 5 Tips

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2015 is well and truly upon us

Forget the ‘new year, new me‘ posts you’ve been bombarded with in the past week, this is the year for unfinished business.

Dust off that travel list you’ve had pinned on your noticeboard, this will no longer be an office ornament.

Instead of embarking on a crazy diet (that will be sure to fail when you see that unopened box of mince pies at the back of the cupboard), tick off that destination list.

January is the perfect time to put a plan into action.


Not sure where to start? We’ve put together some top tips to help you achieve your travel dreams this year.

Cabin Max’s Top 5 Tips To Tick Off Your Travel List On A Budget

The great thing about living in a (another) different country than the one I was born in

1. Budget

The chaos of christmas can have a detrimental effect on your bank account but that’s no excuse. There will always be a reason as to why you can’t afford that trip. An MOT, special birthday or a pair of shoes that you ‘simply must have’ can all have an affect on your money. Make a budget and aim to set aside a certain amount each month. Once you see it adding up in your savings, it will give you a satisfied feeling that will encourage you to save more.

Start by cutting back. Assess direct debits that aren’t necessary such as magazine subscriptions or special tv providers. With the internet and free catch up available from most channels, you won’t be missing anything. Promise.

Check out Monica from The Travel Hack’s post about budgeting realistically.


2. Plan Plan Plan

Embrace wanderlust and begin making plans to visit different places. Aligned with your budget, decide on whether you want to travel far and wide or keep it closer to home. Choose hostels or hotels or perhaps a mixture of both. Highlight landmarks you’d like to visit and their costs to ensure you optimise your trip and don’t miss anything out! No one wants to admit the reason they didn’t go inside the Eiffel Tower was because they overspent on crepes.

Check out this travel itinerary by Wanderlust Tour to get things started.


3. Be realistic

Don’t spread yourself too thin. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t try to squeeze in lots of big trips to the other side of the world all in one year. You want to experience a place to its full potential and look back on your time there fondly rather than with regret. Either choose one big holiday or spread out your trips by opting for long weekends spread out across the year.

4. Start booking!

Nothing is more exciting than booking that plane ticket! Also, with plane tickets becoming so hard to refund, it places extra pressure on you to save those pennies! Stick a copy of your plane ticket somewhere noticeable to remind you what you’re working towards.

Use comparison sites such as Skyscanner to keep your eye on changing plane ticket prices. If you stay on the ball and check most days, you can find yourself some real bargains!

5. Pack light with a Cabin Max

There’s a bag for every type of trip and all suitable for a smaller budget. Designed to fit within carry-on restrictions, Cabin Max bags are lightweight, spacious and tailored to each traveller’s needs.

Take a look at our most popular bags, all £35 or under.

Metz – Spot £25

Cabin max polkadot

Barcelona+ £30

Cabin max 50 40 20



Lyon+ £35

(With 15.5” laptop/tablet compartment)



With your savings, travel plan and Cabin Max at the ready, there’s nothing stopping you from taking on the world.


Bon voyage and safe travels,


The Cabin Max Team




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