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Cabin Max FREE baggage check-in

Traveling light with the Cabin Max Family involves five carry ons and one check in bag. Well most of you will be thinking I can’t manage the kids and 5 bags, and I knew I would certainly be struggling with that lot.
However most budget airlines want people to start checking in their hand luggage. Since they started to charge big amounts for checked in luggage more and more people take hand luggage only, this means the cabins are overstuffed with baggage.
So ask nicely at the check in desk and be prepared to have one bag full of the essentials to keep the children entertained as a carry on and chances are they will check-in all your hand luggage for FREE.

The new Easyjet Guaranteed Bag is a case in point. Ok if you want to keep your bag with you with essentials ipad etc keep it 50 x 40 x 20cm.
However if you don’t want to pay to check in a bag but need to take the maximum allowance take a bag that fits the max 56 x 45 x 25cm there is a good chance they wont ask you to check it in, as there is more room in the cabin with more and more people taking the smaller size bags, allowing room for your big bag! But if you don’t want to carry it on and are prepared to have it checked in, ask and most likely they will check it in for FREE.

Let us know your experiences!


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