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cabin max flight backpack

Cabin Max Luggage Develops

Welcome to the new Cabin Max blog. The Cabin Max is a relatively new brand (just over one 1/2 yrs old) that was developed to fill a gap in the air travel market. About 2 years ago I was looking for a backpack that would fit the max size for a Ryan Air flight. As I was only going for a weekend I didn’t want or need to check anything in. I noticed that a lot of the luggage available was wheeled trolleys and quite heavy 3- 4kg , thus making it difficult to fill and remain below the 10kg limit. Everything else was either to big or to small. The development of the Cabin Max bag began with a couple of requirements. Lightweight, strong, good value and convenient.

cabin max flight backpack

The orginal Cabin Max flight bag

After 6 Months of development the first samples were ready, and I was eager to test it out and escape the greyness of a UK winter, onto Ryan Air I went (known to be toughest for cabin bag size and weight restrictions) and off to find some winter sun. I had no problems, and although the bag was bulging with all my gear the side tightening straps had done their job to help me get it into the size limit box most of the no frills flights use. I knew we were onto a winner seeing all the other passengers different shaped bags, with seemingly none of them designed to fit the maximum size allowed 55x40x20cm. With the bag also been a lightweight 850g I could fill it without worrying about going over the 10kg limit. (Which can be very costly £20 per Kg – Ryanair)

“Ryanair continues to encourage passengers to travel light by leaving checked-in bags at home and taking advantage of our free 10kg carry-on allowance,” said a spokesperson for the no-frills airline.

Since that time we have sold 000’s of these bags to very happy customers from all over the UK. Check out some customer feedback on Amazon. We have also recently found success selling to the German and US market. The product is being constantly updated and improved with recent improvements in the material making it shower proof. We would welcome your suggestions to make it even better, or develop new products.

Martin Barwise M.D.


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5 comments on “Cabin Max Luggage Develops

  1. Hello, I am Milan, the proud owner of cabin max.
    For me that is the greatest invention after washing machine 🙂
    I am so excited about your idea that I would like to invest money and become your official distributor in Serbia.

    If you find that interesting, please drop me an email.
    thanks & best

  2. Amarjit on said:

    Hi Martin,

    According to this website, you are planning to release a wheeled version of the Cabin Max Flight Bag:


    Is this true and, if so, when will it hit the market?

    Also, are you planning to add a handle on the side of the bag, so you can carry it like a conventional suitcase?

    I look forward to your reply.



  3. I loved the idea ! Haven’t bought one yet, but since I’m travelling frequently, I will buy one in the short term.

    It would be great if you could add another hand strap to the side of the backpack as well, just as reviewed on http://polishingpeanuts.com/reviews/cabin-max-the-biggest-hand-luggage/ Also, try to make it a little bit prettier, or with a couple more pockets (check my blog http://diogow.blogspot.com/ for comparable bags)

    Also, you could sell direct (preferably international as well) since I’m trying to buy it in Brazil but the retailers here don’t have it.

    I will definitively recommend you to my friends.

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