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Travel advice for those who like the freedom of travelling with hand luggage only.

Cabin Max

Your Guide To Wizz Air’s New Hand Luggage Rules

In Brief: New 55x40x23cm free cabin luggage allowance from 29th of October 2017. Passengers will need to purchase priority boarding to guarantee that their hand luggage comes into the cabin with them; otherwise it may be put in the aircraft hold free of charge. As well as guaranteeing your main hand luggage bag flies with [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About Ryanair’s New Cabin Luggage Regulations

Ryanair have announced their new cabin baggage policy, which will come in to effect on all flights from January 15th 2018. They had originally planned to introduce the new rules from November 1st 2017, but have now had to delay their application. The changes are in response to a growing problem on most carriers – [...]

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