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The New Cabin Max Barcelona+ tried and tested with Ryanair

Our most exciting product yet is now in stock. Following the huge success of our Barcelona backpack, we’ve upped our game and brought you something even better. The Barcelona+ now comes with wheels and extendable handle as well as backpack straps! The multi-functional design has been tailored to suit all needs, whether you prefer to...CONTINUE READING

Travelling Long Haul

  I hate travelling long haul, I have suffered jet lag quite badly in the past and know that it can ruin a holiday or make work more difficult during and after a trip away. Therefore on a recent work trip I decided to take some advice, and do what I could to prepare myself....CONTINUE READING

Travelling light with the girlfriend who (probably) knows best.

This summer I travelled to Naples for a week with my girlfriend lets call her Miss N to avoid any embarrassment. Being the creator and therefore the biggest fan of Cabin Max products I obviously insisted on travelling hand luggage only. Miss N made it clear she certainly wasn’t used to travelling light, and without...CONTINUE READING