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Day out at the airport


Myself and Dave spent a morning at Manchester airport yesterday. We had 6 Cabin Max bags for testing around the luggage gauges across the 3 terminals. They obviously all passed the gauge requirements with flying colours. Some bags are obviously more suited to different airlines, its amazing how much the gauges vary in size. Ryanair is predictably the toughest test, with no extra cm’s to spare. We also wanted to see the new Easyjet cabin guarantee gauge 50 x 40 x 20. We had our new bag to test, available next week on http://cabinmax.com the Barcelona, we have handily printed the measurements of the bag on the sides, this should help the Easyjet staff sort the sizes out during this transition period. It passed the test and we also found the Metz fits if you don’t stuff the bag to much at the top to allow for the 5cm they have chopped off. Speaking to the staff at the Easyjet check-in desk they said the new size was working well for them. In that people were generally taking smaller bags on board and staff were not having to ask people to check bags in which still complied (56 x 45 x25 cm) but were not guaranteed carry on size.


Jet 2 Guide to packing
New Barcelona Backpack – Guaranteed Carry on New EasyJet size 50x40x20

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