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Focus ON – Ryanair hand luggage restrictions

As summer is officially upon us and the kids are enjoying that six week break, that we’ve all wished for at some point, a lot of families are off on their jolly holidays. Our customer service department has seen a high number of customers asking questions about Ryanair hand luggage restrictions, so we’ve pulled together some generic information which will help answer the most frequently asked questions.

 A bit about Ryanair’s Hand Luggage Policy

Ryanair has a generous hand luggage policy and allows its passengers to carry two cabin bags, one large bag which should fit in the overhead lockers and a smaller bag which can be stowed away under the seat.

What are the exact bag dimensions allowed by Ryanair?

  • Stowaway bags should be 35x20x20cm
  • Large bags should be 55x40x20cm

Which Cabin Max bags are within Ryanair restrictions?

We have a wide range of bags that are within Ryanair’s dimensions, so whether you like matching luggage sets, bright patters or you like more conservative luggage, you can rely on us.

Our favourite – Matching Colours


The colourful green, red and white Cabin Max Capital with a complimentray green, red and white Arezzo.


The Spotty Cabin Max Metz (currently out of stock on cabinmax.com) matched with the new Spotty Cabin Max Arezzo design.


The black and orange Cabin Max Malmo paired with black and orange Cabin Max Arezzo

Other Matching Colours

  • Metz or Tallinn or Malmo or Palermo or City grey/orange can be paired with the Arezzo grey/orange
  • Metz black/orange & Arezzo black/orange
  • Metz spotty & Arezzo spotty
  • Capital green/white/red & Arezzo green/white/red


Great set – The Cabin Max Oxford range


The Cabin Max Oxford trolley and backpack


The Cabin Max Oxford backpack (out of stock)


The Cabin Max Oxford Stowaway (out of stock)









Large Bags Only 55x40x20com

Please note that these bags do not all match the exact Ryanair dimension however they are within the restrictions.


Cabin Max Berlin trolley bag 55x40x20cm


Cabin Max Camden backpack 55x40x20cm


Cabin Max Capital backpack 50x40x20cm


Cabin Max City backpack 55x40x20cm


Cabin Max Lyon trolley backpack  55x40x20cm


Cabin Max Madrid backpack 55x40x20cm


Cabin Max Malmo trolley backpack 55x40x20cm


Cabin Max Metz range 55x40x20cm




Cabin Max Oxford trolley backpack 55x40x20cm


Cabin Max Palermo 55x40x20cm


Cabin Max Riga backpack 55x40x20xm


Cabin Max Stockholm trolley bag 55x40x20cm


Cabin Max Valletta trolley bag 55x40x20cm







Cabin Max Oxford backpack 50x40x20cm


Cabin Max Brussels trolley case 53x39x20cm








Cabin Max Frankfurt bag 39x55x20cm












Smaller Bags Only 35x20x20cm


Oxford Stowaway (out of stock)

Cabin Max Arezzo Stowaway - Grey/Orange

Cabin Max Arezzo Stowaway 35x20x20cm









Am I guaranteed that I will be able to take my bag on the plane with me?

Ryanair, like a lot of the other budget airlines, will only allow a certain number of bags to be taken in to the cabin, this is because there is only a limited amount of space in the overhead lockers. Ryanair will allow the first 90 bags to be taken in to the cabin, so our advice would be to try to beat the queues.

Do infants have hand luggage allowance?

Infants 8 days old to 23 months old are allocated 5kg which can be carried by an accompanying adult. The Cabin Max Changing bag is perfect to hold all those essential baby items, containing insulated pods and external bottle holders.

Infants who sit on an adults lap will not be entitled to checked in luggage however you are allowed to take 2 items of baby equipment per infant. Items such as a pushchair which you will be able to use up to the steps to the aircraft, car seats, car booster seats and travel cots.

It is important to bear in mind that if your child celebrates their 2nd birthday whilst you are on holiday and before your flight home, you will need to book an adult ticket for that return flight.

Click here for further information.

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