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In-flight safety with a twist

Let’s face it, in-flight safety videos are SO boring. We’d much rather flick through the in-flight magazine, display our disgust at the price of a kit-kat and then buy one anyway. But, safety comes first. However (on longer flights) you find yourself being subject to the monotony of the seatbelt, life jacket and exit demonstration videos that you’ve seen a million times before. They could at least be funny, right?

Allow us to introduce our top 5 in-flight safety videos that have prioritised entertainment. Funny, innovative and engaging, put your seat backs and tray tables in their upright and locked positions and enjoy.

Thomson- Kids

Ever felt that your kids are really the ones in charge? Inspired by the bossy pants in your life, Thomson uses its youngest travellers to guide you through the safety procedures. Get ready for the cutest in-flight safety video ever.


Air New Zealand- Disco

Air New Zealand leads the way with its innovative approaches to in-flight safety and this video, featuring fitness fanatic Richard Simmons, is a perfect example. Using disco and air-obics (sorry!) to engage passengers, Simmons encourages you to get ‘fit to fly’. Humorous and entertaining, this safety video is set to stay in your mind, if only for his short shorts alone.


Virgin America- Animation

Eliminating the recruitment of airline staff to feature in the safety video, Virgin enlisted the animation genius’ at Wild Brain to create a quirky cartoon. Witty and informative, passengers are given an interesting angle to in-flight safety and demonstrates that Virgin is definitely ‘down with the kids’.


Air New Zealand – Middle Earth

The most impressive in-flight safety video out there. Filled with the characters from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, its entertainment value may in-fact distract from its purpose. But who cares? Gandalf is flying your plane!


MadTV- In-Flight Parody

Not an official in-flight video (we hope!) but a comment on the ever increasing prices on commercial flights. Let’s hope the airlines don’t get any ideas…

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