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Jet2 is soaring in popularity – here’s how to fly with them

Jet2 is firmly on the rise at the moment with passenger numbers up by 15% over the last year. Such is the success of the airline, new routes and additional services have been added to many of their destinations from the UK airports that serve them. Indeed, they plan to offer thousands of additional seats this winter from Birmingham, Edinburgh, Belfast and East Midlands airports alone, meaning your next flight abroad could well be with the Leeds-Bradford based airline.

So what do you need to know about flying with Jet2?

Speaking from purely a hand-luggage point of view, Jet2 offer a huge amount of bang for your buck. Their hand-luggage dimensions of 56x45x25cm are the equal largest in the European passenger aviation industry, sharing the title with Easyjet, British Airways, Iberia, Finnair and Wizzair’s large bag policy (which you have to pay a fee for, remember). That’s a potential 63 Litres of space at your disposal, which to put into perspective, is almost double what Wizzair will allow you to take on one of their flights without paying additional fees (33 Litres). Although hand luggage weight checks tend to be few and far between for most airlines nowadays, it is reassuring to enjoy a decent 10kg weight limit with Jet2, which realistically is more than you could comfortably handle anyway.

What can we recommend for travelling on Jet2?

Very few companies offer a hand luggage bag that meets the full dimensions of the Jet2 policy – a full 56x45x25cm cabin bag would simply be too large and unweildy for most and would also suffer from being largely incompatible with the vast majority of other airlines too – consumers generally tend to like a bag that can cope with the requirements of as many airlines as possible rather than buying a new carry-on for each new airline they travel on.

That said, investing in a soft-sided bag can help you to make the most of the space available as you will not be constrained by a rigid outer shell. Here are a few we would recommend for Jet2.

Cambridge 44 litre cabin trolley – 55x40x20cm – £50

Based on one of our most popular trolleys of recent times, the Oxford, the similarly academic Cambridge is a new addition to the Cabin Max range. The Cambridge aims to solve one of the age-old problems of travelling by air – you leave a cold and rainy homeland for a warm and sunny destination and suddenly the big coat you wore at the airport is entirely redundant. The Cambridge offers all of the best features of the Oxford, but replaces the packaway backpack straps with a dedicated neoprene garment pocket on the rear of the bag, allowing you to fold away and stow your jacket once you no longer require it. The wealth of well-sized pockets on the front of the bag, as well as the large 44 litre capacity ensure that this is a bag that can utilize space well to ensure you make the most of your hand-luggage allowance.


 Camden 44 litre soft-sided backpack – 55x40x20cm – £30

The Camden packs in a huge number of features into a backpack that is realistically the largest size you could comfortably carry by yourself. Made from a strong 600D polyester and with denim detailing and a leather-effect base, the Camden offers specilised pockets for several items you are likely to require access to at the airport. A transparent toiletries bag is included and can be stored in a dedicated pocket at the side of the bag, ready for quick removal at airport security. Similarly, the included neoprene laptop case has a dedicated pocket at the top of the bag – which is also a great place to store magazines, reading materials and your travel documents. Features like this ensure everything you might need is close to hand, and you’ll never need to open up your bag to route through your clothes whilst going through airport security. We designed the Camden to ‘give’ a little in order to make the most of your space, meaning that a well packed Camden will still be able to make the most of Jet2’s hand-luggage allowance with minimal wastage, whilst still being compatible for airlines with smaller carry-on regulations, like Ryanair.


 Sorrento 55 litre rolling holdall – 55x40x25cm – £40

Our prettiest bag is also one of our most capacious. With 55 litres of space, a relatively light 1.9kg weight and stylish oilcloth material, the Sorrento proves that form doesn’t have to come at the expense of function. This is a great bag if you want to avoid being asked to put your cabin bag in the hold, which some airlines, including Jet2, do on busy flights. Simply retract the telescopic handle and carry the Sorrento through the boarding gate as a normal holdall – airlines are much more likely to put trolleys into the hold than backpacks, holdalls or totes so utilize this to your advantage if you especially wish to take your bag into the cabin with you.

sorrento_blog_jet2Berlin 55 litre trolley suitcase – 55x40x25cm – £30

The Berlin is a great no-frills suitcase that expands from 20 to 25cm depth depending on the airline you wish to fly on. This makes it a great choice for Jet2 as its generous dimensions and soft front and sides allow you to make the most of the available space. Compression and luggage straps also feature, increasing the practicality of this versatile trolley bag.


 Tallinn 55 litre cabin backpack – 55x40x25cm – £25

A variation on our popular Metz backpack, the Tallinn is a brilliant size for airlines like Jet2 thanks to its generous 25cm depth. It also features a laptop slot, a range of carry handles and sides made of soft, durable 600D polyester material which allows that bag to easily slip into airline luggage sizers whilst still offering a generous capacity.


Final thoughts

Jet2 offers one of the most competitive hand luggage allowances around, and whilst you are unlikely to find a bag that fully satisfies the 56x45x25cm requirements of Jet2 with any manufacturer, a decent soft-sided bag that is well packed is likely to serve you well whilst still being suitable for many other airlines that you might wish to fly with too. Versatility and adaptability are key when buying hand-luggage, so why not try one of the models outlined above, all of which are highly capable as well as being extremely capacious – we’d be surprised if you were left wanting for space after trying them.



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