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Let’s Talk About Valletta

Valletta is a very beautiful city in Malta. The history, culture and architecture of the city makes it seem a little like an open air museum, with a modern twist. The quaint café’s and coffee shops make is easy to sit back and watch the city go about its daily activities.

The wonderful compact streets are lined with beautiful buildings which are uniformly arranged to occupy as much of the city space as possible. The city is recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, so it’s not surprising that it’s been featured in some historic Hollywood films such as Troy, Helen of Troy, World War Z and of course… Gladiator!

Valletta, Malta

Interesting Facts about Valletta

  1. Valletta has been name European Capital of Culture for 2018
  2. Expertly laid out by the Knights of St John in the 16th Century, after they arrived in Malta, Valletta was the first planned city in Europe
  3. There are 320 monuments and 25 beautiful churches within walking distance of each other all within Valletta itself
  4. It is also the smallest capital city in the EU
  5. Valletta was named after the famous French Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, Jean Parisot de Vallette
  6. The Cabin Max Valletta hand luggage suitcase was named after this beautiful city because of its timeless appeal

Top Things to Do in Valletta

If you’re planning a visit to this World Heritage site here are the top 5 things that we recommend taking time to visit:

  1. St John’s Co-Cathedral – the impressive architecture and artistry humbles even the most unreligious visitors
  2. Lascaris War Rooms – the complex underground tunnels and chambers that were used to plan and implement the defence of Malta during the second world war and this will be a truly eye opening experience
  3. Valletta Waterfront – the gateway to the city and one of the most successful ports in the Mediterranean with natural deep water and an outstandingly beautiful backdrop
  4. National Museum of Archaeology – Learn about and see the Baroque architecture
  5. Casa Rocca Piccola – A privately owned family home with over 50 rooms, the majority of which are open for the tours. Visitors can get an idea of life during the Second World War by touring the Air Raid Shelters
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