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Packing: A Necessary Evil


You’ve booked your getaway. The day-dreaming has begun and you’ve got the date circled on your calendar. It may be a long weekend or a couple of weeks but there’s one thing you must do before you go, pack. It’s laborious and time consuming, but if it’s done correctly, can make a big difference to your trip. Here’s a few pointers to help you on your way.

Be Brutal

Leave things behind. Really think about what you need. Every holiday is different so don’t use a generic packing list for every trip. Those who pack for every potential situation are just wasting packing space.  If you’re to follow their theory, you might as well take your best hat with you just in-case the queen happens to pop by your beach in Lanzarote. It’s not going to happen, promise.


Shoes are awkward to pack but should be packed first. Often the heaviest item, they should be packed to the side of the bag it will be stood up on.  This avoids it becoming top heavy and should stop any kamikaze attempts from your bag at the airport.

Roll or fold?


Travel experts have developed a new method called Bundle Wrapping.  This involves rolling items that won’t crease as badly, such as clothing made from synthetic material, and then ‘wrapping’ your remaining clothes around this core item. This minimises wrinkles as there’s no real folding involved. It’s kind of like a big hug in your suitcase. See for yourselves:



Whether you’re travelling with a carry on or not, pack liquids as though you are. Let’s face it you’re not going to use a whole tube of moisturiser or shampoo, so invest in travel sized containers. This should dramatically reduce your luggage weight and if you find you’re running out of anything, you can always buy it there. Another tip is to double bag everything. In fact you might want to triple bag it. Do anything to avoid spillage. No-one wants to open up their case to find their shoes filled with sun lotion.

Go digital

Books and laptops are things of the past. Tablets have evolved into ‘can’t live without’ items and with e-reader capabilities and easy access to the internet, you can see why. So leave your laptop and copy of Moby Dick at home, and take your tablet instead (just don’t forget your charger!).

Travel Light

Having a bag that takes up a third of your allowed weight is not going to do. Invest in a light bag. For example check out our Cabin Max Metz for the perfect carry on. It comes in 13 colours you say? Don’t mind if I do…


If you’re unsure about the final weight of your bag make sure you weigh it. Avoid the awkward bathroom scales dance (we’ve all done it) and invest in a luggage scale. Get yours here;


Don’t leave it ‘til last minute

This seems obvious but don’t. Last minute packing leads to panic, unnecessary stress, and forgotten items. You’ll be kicking yourself when you realise you’ve left you’re swimming cozzie at home.


It’s the last thing you pack. It’s still in the bathroom. Go get it.

Hopefully these tips will aid the packing process, but for the many things we haven’t covered, take a look at the following sites for more packing tips and tricks.

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Features an interesting tip involving hotel shower caps and shoes.


The Telegraph online

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Covers pretty much everything you need to know.


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Good packing Eases Travel Stress
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