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Packing Tips for Short Breaks

EASYJET AND RYANAIRPacking for a short break somewhere not too far away from your homeland can be just as exciting and troublesome as packing for a couple of weeks somewhere exotic. You will face the same dilemmas, albeit on a smaller scale.

Airlines that operate short international flights rarely include checked in luggage in the price of the tickets, however hand luggage is almost always free. It is common for passengers to find themselves having to pay to check in their luggage because they have found that their bag is outside the restrictions set by the airline.

We have a few tips to help you make sure that you are ready for your holiday and also prepared for the airline. After all, how many of us can relate with getting caught up in the ‘I need to make sure I have’s’ when packing, only to realise half the stuff we packed was not used?

Packing Tips

1  Find out exactly what the hand luggage restrictions are on your chosen airline.

2  Make sure that your existing bag does not exceed the restrictions or buy a bag that is within the size dimensions. We recommend visiting cabinmax.com 😉 you will be able to search through our bags by airline.

3  Make a list which is split down in to categories. Here is one we prepared earlier 😉 Short Break Packing ListsAirport Security

  • Essential travel docs
  • Tech
  • Clothing & shoes
  • Toiletries, meds & other bits

TOP TIP – Remember to ensure that all your toiletries are less than 100ml or you will be asked to put them in the bin at your departure airport. It is a good idea not to pack general toiletries as they can be purchased at your end destination.

4  Do the crease test to help figure out if items can be rolled or if they to need to be folded.

TOP TIP – The Crease Test – crumple a corner of the item of clothing in your hand and hold it there for 10 seconds, does the item crease and remain creased or do the creases fall straight out as soon as you let go? If the creases fall out, then roll and if they don’t you should fold. It’s a judgement call.

C7_packing_cube_black5  Use packing cubes to bundle all your folded items to help make sure they have a bit more protection from creasing.

6  Wear the heavier items of clothing that you want to take with you, for example jumpers, coats and bulky shoes.

7 Don’t pack unnecessary items that you will be provided with at your end destination, for example a hair dryer and towels.

TOP TIP – Find out what amenities will be available in your hotel room and at your hotel.

8   If you do decide to pack all your toiletries, remember each liquid must be under 100ml and all your items must fit in to 1 clear resealable plastic bag.


Don’t forget to enjoy your adventures #LoveTravel #LuggagetotheMAX

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