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Quirky Things in Our Luggage

Whilst listening to my colleagues discuss holiday stories in the office today, an interesting topic came up… ‘What do you pack for your holidays?’ It seems like a pretty straight forward topic but the responses that were thrown out were anything but straightforward (to me anyway)! It became apparent that, a lot of us have weird and quirky habits!

Cabin Max Arezzo Stowaway – Grey/Orange

Nobody can say what is normal, as everyone has their own logic behind the contents of their luggage. Past experiences and expectations can change the way you pack and what you pack. For example, personally, I will always have boiled sweets in my hand luggage, the number of bags of sweets depends on how long the flight is and the reason is simple, chewing on a boiled sweet makes my ears pop so I don’t have to struggle with the weird feeling of pressure, that I think we have all felt at some point, throughout the flight! The Grey/Orange Cabin Max Arezzo Stowaway is my choice for a second bag and the front pocket is perfect for holding a few bags of sweets.

Now, that you know my quirky travel item, without naming anyone, here are a few things that my colleagues have shared and their reasons.

  1. Multipack of crisps – crisps on the beach are a must
  2. Biscuits – for a comforting brew
  3. Bran Flakes – stay healthy
  4. Lilo waterbed – cheaper to buy before the holiday
  5. Travel iron and a spare one too! – don’t want to pay for an ironing service
  6. Soup sachets – snack between meals
  7. First aid kit – mainly plasters and antiseptic cream for the kids
  8. Teabags – guaranteed a good brew in the morning

Initial responses were raised eyebrows here, but if you can give the items a second thought and look back at your own previous experiences, the items may begin to seem strangely logical. Its important that before you start packing everything, including the kitchen sink, you ask yourself… What’s the worst that can happen?

It is interesting to find what other people pack as it can help you prepare for your own holiday but the secret is to be critical and filter out the items that are unnecessary (backup travel iron?). If you are planning to take food items in your luggage always check with the airline or tour operator if there are any restrictions that you need to be aware of.

Do you pack any of the items mentioned in our list or is there anything that you pack and think is pretty quirky? We would love to hear from you, leave us a comment below.


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