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Record Baggage fees collected by U.S. Airlines in 2014


The revenue of 27 U.S. airlines has been sent soaring by baggage fees in 2014 according to data provided by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. The airlines earned $3.5 billion between them in 2014 which shows a year on year revenue increase of 5.3%.

Delta was at the top of the table with massive revenue of $862,909 followed by United at $651,857 and American at $574,430.

Up to 40kg Cabin Max digital luggage scale

Cabin Max Digital Luggage Scale


The importance of staying within guidelines is increasingly important in order to avoid contributing to the airline baggage revenues. Cabin Max bags are designed to remain within hand luggage dimensions for the various airlines and for the check in luggage we have digital luggage scales to ensure that you stay within your weight allowance.







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