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Ryanair Small Carry On Bag 20x35x20cm – The Cabin Max Arezzo Fits


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Ryanair changed their rules. They now let you take an additional bag to your 55x40x20 hand luggage. With a strict size allowance of 20x35x20cm, there wasn’t much out there that would fit such dimensions other than the carrier bag that has your meal deal in it.

That’s where Cabin Max come in. We’re all for taking the maximum allowance and really getting your moneys worth, so we designed the Cabin Max Arezzo to fit the 20x35x20cm bag allowance. This is the first bag to be made specifically to cater to Ryanair’s second bag policy.

This bag could revolutionise the way you travel. Here’s 5 reasons why;

1. The Arezzo measures exactly 20x35x20cm – maximising your space

2. There is no weight allowance for a second bag so rather than encroach on the 10kg hand luggage allowance,  the Arezzo can be packed with heavier electronic items, liquids and also keeps your important documents nearby

3. With stricter security searches, having your electronics (that have to be switched on) and your liquids to hand means less time in security and more time enjoying your journey

4. It fits perfectly underneath the seat in front of you. No waiting for the seat belt sign to be switched off before you reach for your bag

5. The over the shoulder or cross body strap keeps your hands free to maneuver your other bag

The Cabin Max Arezzo is THE ultimate second bag for Ryanair. For just £15, save yourself the hassle and take a bag guaranteed to fit.





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