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Travel advice for those who like the freedom of travelling with hand luggage only.


New Airport Security Measures July 2014 – What It Means For You.

      Due to inside intelligence, those boarding international flights between Europe and the U.S are being exposed to more intrusive security checks. Passengers now must switch on any electronic devices when passing through security due to new information about the development of undetectable bombs. It has also come to light that random checks [...]

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The Blue and Pink Bear bags are back!

  The long wait is over…the blue and pink bear bags are back in stock!   Joined by their orange, green and purple spotty friends, these bags are the perfect pull along trolley for any child 4+. Get your children as excited as you are about holidays and allow them to share it with a [...]

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#Carryonshame – Could this hashtag be about you? Not with a Cabin Max.

  *Featured bag: The Cabin Max Barcelona+ (Backpack and trolley Multi-Functional Bag)   The latest trend on twitter has received mixed responses on the web. The travel editor Spud Hilton started the hashtag ┬áto highlight traveller’s ever relaxing attitude to carry on bag restrictions. Travellers across the globe have been sharing their photos that appear [...]

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