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The Equator 2.0 – Your In Depth Guide To What’s New



The original Equator fast became one of Cabin Max’s most popular backpacks when it was launched in 2015, with travellers loving its backpacking inspired design, useful hand luggage size and low price.  This was backed up by your reviews – an average Yotpo customer review rating of 4.85 stars out of 5 showed that travellers really loved the original Equator – but that hasn’t stopped us making it even better for 2017.

Progress waits for no one, so we’ve put the Equator under the microscope to find out what you loved about it and what you wanted improving. We’ve trawled though your feedback, traveled extensively with the bags ourselves, reworked, designed and redesigned elements until we felt they were right. The result is the Equator 2.0 – feature-rich and improved over version 1.0 and still the best value backpackers carry-on luggage there is. Here’s your in-depth guide to the Equator 2.0.Equator_2_grey_orange_amazon

Main Areas of Improvement

One of the main aims in developing the Equator 2.0 was to improve how items could be packed and carried. Few people could accuse the Equator of not having enough space (it’s massive) but they did say they wanted more in the way of internal organisational features to better distribute packed items so that they didn’t all bunch down to the bottom of the bag in transit. The Equator 2.0’s fold out shelf aims to make sure that those things you pack at the top of your bag stay there. Folding upwards and clipping on to small loops at the sides, the shelf neatly divides the main load space and prevents items drifting down and causing a bulge at the base. We’ve also improved the quality of the internal packing straps so you can really strap down and condense your packing too.

In addition to this, we’ve increased the width of the external compression straps and buckles by 52% and positioned them so that they run across the front of the bag so that you can slim the Equator 2.0 down even more if you need to, for example to put in to an airline luggage sizer. These new straps also help to better distribute the weight of your packing across the whole of the bag and put less strain on the zips, ensuring that they last longer. We’ve removed 2 of the front pockets  from the front of the bag in order to accomodate these new straps, but your feedback suggested very few people used these pockets anyway. The result is a sleeker look.

Equator_whats_newImproved Comfort

Equator owners are more likely to carry their bags further and for longer than users of other cabin backpacks, so we’ve upped the ante where comfort is concerned. The well-padded adjustable shoulder straps, sternum strap and waist straps (with pockets) remain, but we’ve reworked the back padding. The back panel now features 40% more padding to enhance comfort, whilst the areas opposite the shoulders and lower back are feature even thicker padding as these are the areas that contact the wearer’s back more often.

Packaway Straps

Though the Equator 2.0 is suitable for many European and Asian airlines and features a squashable soft-bag design, we’ve designed it to be able to cope should it be put in the aircraft hold. Why would we do that, you ask? Well, increasingly airlines are only allowing the first 90 or so cabin bags in to the hold with the passenger on full flights due to a lack of overhead locker space – the rest are put in the aircraft hold, free of charge. This tends to affect trolley owners more than backpack owners (usually backpack wearers can sneak past unhindered) but even so, should this occur we’ve made the Equator 2.0’s backpack straps easy to pack away behind the back panel to avoid them getting snagged on the airport conveyor belt system. The packaway straps also come in handy if you ever want to carry your Equator 2.0 as a holdall via the size handle, or if you just want to tuck in all the straps for more compact home storage.

A Lot To Love Already

It is worth remembering that although some areas of the Equator have undergone large scale revision, some areas needed little attention as they were already very well thought of. Below you’ll find a round up of your favourite features from the original bag that have made the jump to version 2.0.

equator2_email_2Still Great Value

Best of all, though we’ve improved it in many ways, we’ve made sure it remains great value. Available from Cabinmax.com, the Equator 2.0 is less than half the price of some rival backpacks and has many more handy features than most ensuring it remains the best value backpackers’ hand luggage backpack.

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