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The Perfect Weekend Bags for City Breaks in Europe

We all have that one giant suitcase that lives under our bed or in the attic. Once a year we pull it down, dust it off and fill it ready for a two week adventure somewhere hot.

What then, do you take when you embark on a shorter trip?

With budget airlines and cheap hotel packages, city breaks are readily available to all at a smaller cost. Some travellers have even traded in their two week jaunt once a year for several weekends across Europe instead.

With baggage fees flying sky high, it makes sense to travel with a carry on. We’ve lined up the top 5 Cabin Max carry on bags and filled you in on the destinations they were inspired by.

1. Palermo – Sicily

The exposed city of Palermo has a rich, vibrant history that is reflected through its varied architecture and cuisine. For a culture trip, check out the Arab-Norman architecture, such as 12th-century Palazzo dei Normanni or for those looking for sea and sand, head to the beach and let the warm mediterranean breeze cool you from the Sicilian heat.  Noisy and full of life, Palermo is a city that will certainly keep you on your toes.


Photo Credit: Visitnature.com

Cabin Max Palermo Backpack £25

For a fast paced city you need a fast paced bag. This 55x40x20cm is flight approved for most budget airlines and comes with a detachable 20cmx20cm clear liquids case, making it easy to fast track through security and avoid the luggage carousel.


2. Oxford – England

Home to the famous Oxford University, this city has seen many of the great minds of modern history. Stand in awe of its architecture and enjoy traditional afternoon tea in a neighbouring cafe. Fancy somewhere picturesque? The Cotswolds is just a short drive away and among its fields, cottages, pubs and churches, you’ll find quintessential England.

oxford city

Photo Credit: Telegraph.co.uk

Cabin Max Oxford Backpack and Trolley £50

For a city that has many winding streets or cobbled roads, the Oxford Backpack and Trolley is the perfect bag for switching between your needs. Wear it on your bag when wandering the grounds of the university or use it as a trolley when you’ve weighed yourself down with souvenirs from the many unique shops you’ll find in the Cotswolds.


3. Metz – France

With a 3,000 year history, the City of Metz plays host to lots of impressive ancient architecture. In particular you will find the oldest church in France, the Basilica of Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains and the Saint Stephen Cathedral has been noted to have the biggest display of stained glass windows in the world. A quiet city, Metz is perfect for the history buffs who enjoys a croissant or two while watching the people go by.

metz town

Photo Credit: Frenchmoments.eu

Cabin Max Metz Backpack £25

The perfect carry on bag at 55x40x20cm, the lightweight Metz bag gets you from plane to hotel quickly. Start your French city affair as soon as possible with a no fuss bag.


4. Sorrento – Italy £40

Also known as the ‘Land of Mermaids’, Sorrento is an idyllic town that exudes Italian charm. Its faded pastel coloured buildings burn hot as they watch over the shore and bright shades of gelato are sold on every corner. Feast yourself on warm bowls of pasta with a smooth glass of pinot noir and be sure to trial the fish that is brought in fresh from the sea, every day.


Photo Credit: Hotelroomsearch.net

Cabin Max Sorrento Trolley Holdall

Known for its style, Italy demands only the best. No other bag says luxury like the Sorrento. Its striking polka dot pattern in deep navy will stand out from the crowd. Measuring 55x40x25cm, it has enough space to fit a new outfit for day and night! Wear it on your shoulder or use the handle and wheels for a more elegant approach.


5. Barcelona – Spain 

Barcelona is the city for everyone. It’s where the beach meets the city and the old meets the new. Get some culture by visiting Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia or indulge yourself by finding a spot on the long stretch of beach and most importantly of all, hold a sangria in each hand, at all times!


Photo Credit: Adventureswithwords.com

Cabin Max Barcelona Backpack £30

Barcelona is served by many popular budget airlines and at certain times throughout the year, you can grab yourself a bargain. Avoid the baggage fees and take the Barcelona Backpack. This 50x40x20cm backpack is Guaranteed to stay with you in the Cabin, making sure your important items remain safe by your side.


Choose one of our top city break bags and leave your huge suitcase where it belongs. Adventures start with a Cabin Max.

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