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Travelling light with the girlfriend who (probably) knows best.



This summer I travelled to Naples for a week with my girlfriend lets call her Miss N to avoid any embarrassment. Being the creator and therefore the biggest fan of Cabin Max products I obviously insisted on travelling hand luggage only. Miss N made it clear she certainly wasn’t used to travelling light, and without multiple cases. But I insisted and explained the rules. One cabin bag & one toiletries clear bag 20cm x 20cm, per person. Travelling on EasyJet I furnished her with the Cabin Max Executive which expands to maximise the EasyJet allowance of 56 x 45 x 25 cm I took the Berlin trolley case which also has a 5cm expansion zip.

Miss N turned up fully laden, and I quickly realised I had made a mistake mentioning no weight limit on EasyJet. She was ultra prepared for all occasions and her bag was jam packed and heavy, very heavy.


Sure enough Miss N turned up with the ubiquitous (very large) handbag in tow. Which as I pointed out made two bags. Anyway she insisted it wasn’t really a bag and no one would notice. Tricky ground here, do I have an argument knowing I am right or leave her to it, being older and wiser I decided to leave her to it and politely ask what was in the handbag.


I wished I hadn’t, as she proceeded to point out most of it was for my benefit; snack bars, apples, bananas, pens, kindle, phone charger, phone, keys, etc. etc. Miss N then politely pointed out the reason I was travelling light was because she was carrying everything for me. I kindly offered to eat some of the provisions.


At security we were asked to place the usual belts, electronics and toiletries in the tray for scanning. Here the beautifully turned out Miss N proceeded to unpack 3 large bags of cosmetics. My heart sank, as the official pointed out it was only one transparent 1 litre toiletry bag per passenger allowed, I edged away as I envisaged the crying and wailing that would ensue when the official confiscated the expensive looking bounty. However Miss N went into little miss innocent mode and insisted she never knew it was only one bag. (Big Lie!) Amazingly the official let her pass with the 3 bags and a gentle reminder for next time. (PS this is not advised for any other travellers, you are relying on a good-natured security official early in the morning willing to bend the rules, odds 100/1)


Anyway Miss N was now on a roll and looking to bend every rule going, and sure enough at the EasyJet boarding gate the baggage police pointed out she had two bags. She used the ’its not a bag it’s a handbag’ routine, but they were not easily swayed, so we stuffed the hand bag and all the contents into my bag, the 5cm expansion coming in handy. I glanced behind and noticed a lot of other woman in the queue doing the same last minute stuffing the handbag in the suitcase routine. Which gave me an idea for a new bag, which combines Miss N’s need for style and Italian drivers need for speed, so watch this space.


Ps. Travelling back from Naples, they neither asked us to remove toiletries from our hand luggage or bother to point out the obvious extra bag she had hidden under her coat. However they did ask me to put my pasta filled Berlin bag in the gauge. I laughed and put it in and out no problem. Much smugness all around, particularly from Miss N.

Cowabunga, dude. The new Verbier Cabin Max for trendy travellers.
Good packing Eases Travel Stress

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