Your Guide To Wizz Air’s New Hand Luggage Rules

In Brief:

  • New 55x40x23cm free cabin luggage allowance from 29th of October 2017.
  • Passengers will need to purchase priority boarding to guarantee that their hand luggage comes into the cabin with them; otherwise it may be put in the aircraft hold free of charge.
  • As well as guaranteeing your main hand luggage bag flies with you in the cabin, passengers who purchase Priority Boarding will also be able to take an additional 40x30x18cm small bag with them too.

In Detail:

Wizz Air may not yet be a household name in the UK, but they have quietly risen to become one of the largest budget airlines serving Central and Eastern Europe.

Previously the purveyors of one of the stingiest cabin luggage allowances, from the 29th of October Wizz Air are increasing their free hand luggage allowance for all passengers, but as usual, there is a catch.

50% more hand luggage capacity for free

Wizz Air previously offered a meager free hand luggage allowance of 42x32x25cm (33 litres) with the option to take a 56x45x25 hand luggage bag if you paid an additional £9. From the 29th of October 2017, passengers will be allowed to take a 55x40x23cm (50.6 litres) hand luggage bag on Wizz Air flights for free. Compared to the previous free allowance, passengers can now take almost 50% more than they used to be able to and enjoy a similar free allowance to airlines like Lufthansa, Brussels and Norwegian.


Be prepared for your hand luggage to go in the hold

With it’s new policy, Wizz Air has aligned itself with a growing trend amongst budget airlines; making passengers purchase priority boarding to ensure they can take their hand luggage in to the aircraft cabin with them.

Costing between €​5.00 & ​€​10.00 if booked online or via telephone booking, priority boarding guarantees that a passenger’s hand luggage will travel with them in the aircraft cabin. Unlike Ryanair, Wizz Air doesn’t specifically state that only passengers who purchase priority boarding will be able to take their large hand luggage bag in to the cabin, but given the boarding delays that generally affect airlines due to a lack of overhead locker space, we’d expect Wizz Air to place the hand luggage of non priority boarders in the aircraft hold more often than not.

According to their website, priority boarding passengers will also be allowed to take an additional underseat bag measuring 40x30x18cm on board with them as well, whilst it is worth remembering that reading materials and goods purchased after airport security will still be allowed in to the aircraft cabin whether you are a priority boarder or not.

A reasonable solution

Despite the additional need to purchase priority boarding should you wish to keep your large hand luggage bag with you, we’re happy to see an airline increasing the free hand luggage allowance afforded to passengers in an age when so many others are slimming theirs down. It is a little disappointing that Wizz Air don’t allow you to take a small underseat bag onboard for free like Ryanair, but fundamentally a 50% increase in the amount of luggage you can take on a flight for free is not to be sniffed at and represents an improvement over their previous hand luggage policy.

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